Personalized License Plates

Personalized tags may be ordered from the Tax Collector's Office. Application for the initial personalized tag can be made at any time. A $28.00 plate fee and $15.00 personalization fee is charged, upon initial application, in addition to the registration fee. The $15.00 personalization fee is charged each year upon renewal. Specialty license plates can also be personalized for the additional annual cost of the specialty tag.

License Plates such as the basic Florida plate, Panther, Manatee, which all have centered artwork may contain 7 characters plus either a space or a hyphen. License plates with the graphic design to left, such as Collegiate and Sports Plates, may only have 5 characters with no additional space or hyphen.

Personalized configurations with an odd number of characters (i.e. "ABC" or "NAME123" will no longer be centered on the license plate. Even character configurations may be centered, when requested, at the time of application.

A Personalized License Plate Application can be picked up at the Tax Collector's Office or you may click here to download form HSMV 83043.

Personalized Plate Fees - Effective 9/1/2009

Personalized License Plate $15.00
New Plate Fee $28.00