Payment of Taxes

Taxes and Assessments are due November 1 and become delinquent April 1.  Florida law allows certain discounts for early payment, beginning in November.  The following discounts apply for early payment:

4% if paid in November
3% if paid in December
2% if paid in January
1% if paid in February

The amount due in March is the gross tax amount, and does not reflect a discount.  Taxes become delinquent on April 1.  On or after April 1, the amount due is determined by the date your payment is RECEIVED by the Tax Collector’s Office, not the postmark date.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to see that taxes are paid.  Taxes are due and payable even if a tax bill is not received (pursuant to Florida Statutes).  In cases where the property owner pays through an escrow account, the mortgage company, meeting criteria established by the Tax Collector, may request and be sent the tax bill.  In this case the owner will receive a copy of the bill for information.