Out of State Titles

An out-of-state title must be submitted as proof of ownership, and if a transfer of ownership is involved, it must be properly assigned indicating the new owner's name, address, selling price, odometer reading and date read.

An application for Florida Title must be completed HSMV 82040 and accompanied by a verification of the Vehicle Identification Number and odometer reading either on the HSMV 82040 or on a VIN Verification form HSMV 82042, which may be signed by any law enforcement officer, Florida notary, Florida DMV Compliance Examiner or Tax Collector Deputy. The owners, or new buyers if a transfer is involved, must sign these forms or give power of attorney. Sales tax will be collected if applicable.

For additional information, click on http://www.flhsmv.gov/dhsmv/newflres.html.

NOTE: If your out-of-state title has been lost, you must apply for a duplicate title through the motor vehicle division of that state. For your convenience, The Tax Collector's offices may have duplicate applications from most of the other states within the U.S.

PLEASE NOTE: Any alteration to the title may void the Certificate of Title document.