EFS (Electronic Filing System)

Your One Stop Shop

EFS, also known as Electronic Filing System assists in transactions taking place between vehicle dealerships and government agencies. EFS fulfills these transactions by connecting dealers directly to the government system via a secure, high speed, reliable network.

EFS offers a variety of products and services that allow dealerships to improve the accuracy and efficiency of motor vehicle registration and titling, lien and title management within their dealerships. It helps increase customer satisfaction and productivity of the dealership’s operations.

Our current Electronic Filing System vendors are as follows:

CVR- Computerized Vehicle Registrations

TITLE TEC - Title Technologies


AutoData Direct Inc.

There are several advantages to having this program in your dealership. You can obtain information on vehicle registrations and an individual’s driver license. You can inquire on vehicles being traded into you dealership to verify ownership, if there are any liens, brands, etc. It also eliminates having to leave a blank check at Government agencies.


With EFS, consumers have the convenience of leaving the dealership with a completely registered vehicle. This is available to car dealers, boat dealers, etc.