Deferred Taxes

Under Florida law, anyone entitled to claim a homestead exemption may be eligible to defer payments of property taxes and non-ad valorem assessments.  The tax deferral plan is designed to assist taxpayers whose income is low relative to the amount of tax due on their residence.  Please note that deferring payment of your taxes will add a lien to your property.  Deferred taxes accrue interest each month until the taxes are paid.

How to Qualify:

  • Be qualified to claim a homestead exemption
  • Submit proof of fire and extended coverage home insurance that is in excess of liens and deferred taxes
  •  Provide proof of income from the previous year
  • Provide proof that the insurance policy has a loss payable clause to the Tax Collector
  •  Have a home mortgage that does not exceed 70% of the assessed value of the home
  • Have no liens or deferred taxes totaling more than 85% of the assessed value of the home

How to Apply:

An application to determine eligibility is available at the Tax Collector’s Main office only, and must be submitted for approval by March 31 for taxes owed from the previous year.  Please call our office at 352-368-8200 details.