Kids Tag Art Marion

Meet "Marion the Mare", our official mascot for the Marion County Tax Collector Kids Tag Art program.  This program inspires fifth grade art students to design their own specialty plate while at the same time learning about the practical application of license plate art and how Florida's 100+ specialty license plates support worthy causes.  Each participating school earns 100% of the proceeds and a share of over $14,500 of sponsorship money.  Our major sponsor this year again was Jenkins Auto, donating $10,000.  Fine Arts for Ocala, Inc. donated $1,000, Florida Heart Research Institute donated $2500. Other sponsorship donations were $500 from Ciraco Electric. We received in kind sponsorship from Appleton Museum of Art College of Central Florida and Woods Printing. This year the total of sponsorship and classroom sales totaled $26,693.

All of the tags on our website are Award of Distinction winners.  Purchasing their tag will provide funding to the elementary school each student attends.

This year's Kids Tag Art Awards of Distinction ceremony was held at the Marion Technical Institute, on January 25th, 2020. 

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School Name


Tag Art - Click to Enlarge

Anthony Elementary Jesslin Jesslin R
Anthony Elementary Jo'anna Jo'anna G
Belleview Elementary Caylyn Caylyn M
Belleview Elementary Alexa Alexa G
Belleview Santos Elementary Abiel Abiel R
Belleview Santos Elementary Natalia Natalia J
College Park Elementary Na'arah Na'arah F
College Park Elementary Maniela Maniela C
Dr. N. H. Jones Elementary Gabrielle Gabrielle J
Dr. N. H. Jones Elementary Callie Callie S
Dunnellon Elementary Junior Junior R
Dunnellon Elementary Abygail Abygail P
East Marion Elementary Austin Austin B
East Marion Elementary Connor Connor P
Eighth Street Elementary Mikaela Mikaela W
Eighth Street Elementary Lindie Lindie L
Emerald Shores Elementary Aiden Aiden M
Emerald Shores Elementary Vaniece Vaniece J
Evergreen Elementary John John G
Evergreen Elementary Gianna Gianna M
Fessenden Elementary Bryan Bryan B
Fessenden Elementary Gabrielle Gabrielle C
Ft McCoy Elementary Addyson Addyson S
Ft McCoy Elementary Zephyr Zephyr R
Greenway Elementary Abigail Abigail R
Greenway Elementary Kimberly Kimberly R
Hammett Bowen Elementary Jocelynn Jocelynn M
Hammett Bowen Elementary Ahmed Ahmed Z
Harbour View Elementary Anna Anna P
Harbour View Elementary Colton Colton M
Legacy Elementary Jahdiel Jahdiel O
Legacy Elementary Danna Danna P
Madison Street Elementary Anna Anna W
Madison Street Elementary Sawyer Sawyer B
Maplewood Elementary Finlay Finlay H
Maplewood Elementary Fahid Fahid S
Marion Oaks Elementary Aaliyah Aaliyah M
Marion Oaks Elementary Braniyah Braniyah S
Ocala Springs Elementary Logan Logan B
Ocala Springs Elementary Lani Lani J
Reddick Collier Elementary Sarah Sarah A
Reddick Collier Elementary Lauren Lauren G
Romeo Elementary Emiliano Emiliano M
Romeo Elementary Maverick Maverick H
Saddlewood Elementary Sarah Sarah P
Saddlewood Elementary Janelisse Janelisse A
Shady Hill Elementary Ethan Ethan C
Shady Hill Elementary Chloe Chloe B
South Ocala Elementary Owen Owen J
South Ocala Elementary Cooper Cooper P
Sparr Elementary Kaydence Kaydence M
Sparr Elementary Isabelle Isabelle P
Stanton Weirsdale Elementary Cami Cami T
Stanton Weirsdale Elementary Aaliyah Aaliyah R
Ward Highland Elementary Uriah Uriah W
Ward Highland Elementary Addison Addison W
Wyomina Park Elementary Sadie Sadie R
Wyomina Park Elementary Eric Eric M


Awards of Distinction

Choice Award Winners


Appleton Museum Choice Award Sarah Reddick Collier Elementary Appleton Museum Choice Award
Fine Arts For Ocala Inc.Choice Award Na'arah College Park Elementary FAFO Choice Award
Florida Heart Research Foundation Choice Award Mikaela Eighth Street Elementary Florida Heart Research Foundation Choice Award
Jenkins Auto Group Choice Award Sadie Wyomina Park Elementary Jenkins Auto Group Choice Award
Superintendent's Choice Award Aiden Emerald Shores Elementary Superintendent's Choice Award
Tax Collector's Choice Award Jahdiel Legacy Elementary Tax Collector's Choice Award
 Woods Printing Choice Award Alexa Belleview Elementary Woods Printing Choice Award


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